The Future of Live Events: When AI, Authenticity, and Instagram Intersect

Remember when we thought talking cars in movies were the pinnacle of "intelligence"? And now? We're half-expecting Siri to start giving us dating advice. The future is weird.
Avante Price
October 5, 2023

Oh, Artificial Intelligence. Remember when we thought talking cars in movies were the pinnacle of "intelligence"? And now? We're half-expecting Siri to start giving us dating advice. The future is weird.

But before you daydream about robots replacing DJs, let's get down to business. Recently, on a riveting episode of HOSTED, the esteemed Justin “JB” Bolognino, founder of META, shared some thoughts about how AI is impacting the world of live events and experiences. So, if you're in the event business (or even if you're just nosy like me), buckle up. We're about to explore the frontier of AI in the world of confetti, concerts, and cheers!

Before we dive in, check out the full episode here:

It’s Logic, Not Magic

First things first. We need to address the robot in the room. Many think of AI as this futuristic entity that's going to steal our jobs or, at the very least, our creativity.

Justin offers a reality check: AI isn’t truly "intelligent". It's hyper-advanced logic. Imagine a colossal database sifting through data at lightning speed, giving you results based on established patterns. Creative? Not so much. But it sure is one fantastic tool to have in your toolkit.

The Danger of Homogenization

Now, while AI can enhance our capabilities, there's a caveat. It risks making experiences generic.

When tools produce results based on popular trends, it might sideline the groundbreaking artists who are shaping the next big thing. Remember, while Marvel movies are great, you wouldn't want every movie to be about superheroes (or would you?).

The Path to Authenticity

The secret sauce to a successful event isn’t just flashy tech; it's authenticity. Whether it's Spotify or Coachella knocking on your door for an activation, the first step isn’t diving headlong into the 'how', but understanding the 'why'.

In Bolognino's words, the process always starts by understanding the needs of the buyer, the audience, and the production. True, 'instagrammable' moments might give you a spike in attention, but it's authenticity that ensures sustainability.

So, How Can Event Hosts Use AI Effectively?

Personalization Over Generalization:

AI can process vast amounts of data quickly. Use it to tailor experiences for attendees. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, offer personalized event suggestions, or even music playlists based on attendee preferences.

Enhance, Don’t Replace:

Use AI to enhance human creativity, not replace it. If you’re hosting a music event, maybe AI can help with sound optimization for different parts of the venue. But the playlist? Leave that to the humans.

Always Play the Long Game:

It’s tempting to go for quick wins, especially with AI’s capabilities. But remember, the goal is to create memorable experiences, not fleeting moments. Think about how AI can help add value in the long run.

In wrapping up, AI’s role in live events is undeniably transformative. But as with any tool, its success depends on how it's wielded. As event hosts and venue owners, you have the power to create experiences that resonate, surprise, and delight. And with AI by your side, you're not just keeping pace with the industry; you’re leading the parade.

So, next time you hear about AI in events, don’t just think of a cold, unfeeling machine. Think of it as your backstage crew, ready to support, enhance, and elevate the show you’re putting on.

After all, in the world of live events, the show must always go on! And with AI, it promises to be one heck of a performance.

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