How to Enable Ticket Chaining on POSH

You can now automate the release of ticket tiers on POSH with Ticket Chaining. Set a release schedule at the on-set of an event and watch it sell out.
Owen Colwell
March 14, 2023

Log Into POSH.

Open your web browser and navigate to the POSH website. Enter your login credentials and click on the “Sign In” button to access your account.

Click On The Event Page Title.

From your dashboard, locate the event you want to enable ticket chaining for and click on the event page title.

Navigate To The Ticket Settings Page.

Once you are on the event page, locate the ticket icon and click on it to access the ticket settings page.

Select The Link Icon.

On the ticket settings page, locate the “Link to Other Tickets” section and click on the link icon (chain link symbol).

Specify What Trigger & Action You Want The Tier To Take.

Select the link icon next to the ticket tier you want to link and specify what trigger/action you want it to take. For example, if you want GA-2 to release after GA-1: Select GA-2, then “will be hidden until”, “GA-1”, finally “sells out”.

Save changes.

After you have specified the trigger/action for the linked ticket tier, click on the “Link Tiers” button to save your changes.

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