How to Automate Promoter Payroll

Introducing automated promotion-team payroll — Giving you a new level of transparency with your employees.
Owen Colwell
September 29, 2022

With the roll out of Kickback 2.0, we have introduced automating promotion team payroll — Giving you a new level of transparency with your employees.

1. Create an Offer

Open up your event specific settings by clicking on the title of your event, then click the “K” icon on the left sidebar. You will then be prompted to create an offer (This will be the payout amount a promoter receives).

Btw you can create a flat/percentage payout offer on a per ticket tier or order basis.

2. Add an Affiliate

Once the offer is created you can add the promoter. To do so, click the “Add Affiliate” button at the top of your screen.

Then either add the promoter through phone/email if they have a POSH account, or click “Invite a Non-POSH User” if they do not have an account.

3. Limit to Affiliate

The final step is limiting the offer to the promoter. To do so, select the three little people icon (next to the arrow).

You will now see a CTA to limit Kickback offer, do so and select “Update Kickback Offer” to confirm.

4. Forget About Payroll

Your promoter payroll is now handled for the entirety of the event. Promoters will have access to their clicks, sales, and most importantly: instant access to their funds. Sit back, grab a drink, and watch the sales roll in!

Don’t have a POSH account yet? Click here to get started innovating the way you promote!

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