Headliner Not Required: Elsewhere's Guide to Guaranteed Crowds

Elsewhere's doors constantly welcome long lines, and its floors remain perpetually occupied. The wonder isn't the lineup of artists but the Elsewhere brand itself.
Avante Price
August 17, 2023

Brooklyn's night scene is a fierce battleground. Neon signs dot the streets, music vibrates through the air, and every corner offers a promise of a good time. But amidst this scene, Elsewhere stands as a beacon.

Its doors constantly welcome long lines, and its floors remain perpetually occupied. The wonder isn't the lineup of artists but the Elsewhere brand itself.

Join us as we sit down with Rami Haykal-Manning, the Co-Founder of Elsewhere, to unearth the secrets behind their phenomenal success.

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Elsewhere: Rising Above Brooklyn's Neon-lit Mosaic

Brooklyn’s nightlife is a tapestry of vintage bars, avant-garde theaters, and pulsating clubs. Yet, Elsewhere has managed to carve a niche, a name that resonates with trust and consistency.

Unlike venues that invest heavily in the headline acts, hoping a big name will pull the crowd, Elsewhere has a different philosophy. According to Rami, it's not about the fleeting allure of the "shiny and flashy." It's a deeper game, focused on:

Consistency in Programing:

Instead of wildly oscillating between genres, establish a recognizable sonic identity. This doesn't mean you can't have different acts; it just means they should fit within a recognizable brand framework.

Curating Rather than Chasing:

While many venues chase after what’s already big, Elsewhere curates. By investing in emerging artists and genres, they often set the trend rather than follow it.

Community Building:

Elsewhere thrives on creating a community around its brand. Hosting local artists, organizing themed nights, and being an active part of local festivals all contribute to building a loyal audience.

Turning Insights into Impact: The Elsewhere Playbook

The Elsewhere magic isn't just about being different; it's about being authentic. And Rami's approach can be distilled into some actionable nuggets for any event host or venue owner:

Deep Dive into Demographics:

Understand not just who your audience is, but what they’re evolving into. The Gen Z crowd? They might be into retro-themed nights or silent discos. Adapt accordingly.

Engage, Don’t Just Entertain:

Host regular feedback sessions or after-event mixers. Let your patrons feel like they're part of the venue's story.

Scout for Emerging Talent:

Instead of booking only established acts, become known for discovering new talent. It’s a risk, but it can position your venue as the hotspot for fresh music.

Crafting Your Own Success Story

Brooklyn's nightlife is not for the faint-hearted. To stand out in this dazzling mix, one needs to be not just good, but exceptional. And the Elsewhere story is proof.

Collaborate with Local Artists:

Brooklyn is teeming with talent. Collaborate with local artists for live mural paintings, art shows, or even impromptu performances.

Offer a Multi-Sensory Experience:

Think beyond just sound. Offer themed food and drinks, use visual projections, and play with lighting to create memorable nights.

Embrace Technology:

Use apps or platforms to offer loyalty programs, early-bird specials, or even virtual events for those who can't make it in person.

With insights from Elsewhere's success, your venue can transition from just another spot in Brooklyn to a destination in itself. It's time to rethink, reimagine, and reignite your brand's potential. Your next sold-out event could be just one strategy away.

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